Since our beginnings, we’ve been working hard to give our students the best education experience. Our constant quest for innovation has given the opportunity to keep our education model updated without loosing our core values.

What is a google
reference school?

A GRS is certified by Google for the use of the company’s “G Suite for Education” a set of powerful academic tools for collaboration and productivity that heavily rely on connectivity and cloud services to improve the teaching and learning experience in an innovative way. These tools include productivity and learning apps and the use of Chromebooks in class.

All our teachers are “Google Certified Educators” which means they can now rely on these tool to save time, organize, and improve the whole learning experience.

Taking a step into
the future

By integrating technology into the classroom environment, we prepare our students to interact with it in an intuitive way since a young age, making them ready for the digital era we are living, and making classes more dynamic and fun. Other academic advantages for both students and teachers are:


Through the use of Google apps, the learning process will become more dynamic and engaging for our students.


With the cloud service, teachers and students will be always connected, providing the chance to take the learning experience beyond the classroom environment.


The use of mobile apps gives us the chance to be more responsible with the environment by moving assignments, class discussions, feedback, tests, and quizzes online, reducing the amount of paper use.

7 out 8 Ivy league schools (A group that gathers the top) use these tools.

Our commitment is to always give students the
best tools, so our journey is not over! We’ll
keep Innovating for Success.
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