It appears that the prediction made over 30 years ago has become a reality. As students, parents, and staff remain true to our traditions of collaboration and extra effort that have built Brillamont Institute, we will become a school to see our students “be and transcend”.

  • Nursery

    The knowledge and skills acquired during a child's early years have a great impact in their development. At Brillamont, we help develop a child’s inner skills and personality. We allow children to act and play on positive feelings and we are engaged in providing different activities that will enhance their inner talents. This stage builds a strong foundation for lifelong progress.

  • Pre-K

    At Brillamont, we promote our student’s development from basic mental processes. We engage them to acknowledge the world that surrounds them by the education of aptitudes, habits, and values that support them in learning a positive socializing process. This stage in a child's education is also meant to perfect their motor skills and develop skills that will enable them to be original and spontaneous with the world around them.

  • Kinder

    The transition from home to school is a very important step in the life of your little ones. We give a fun approach based on playing, singing, social interaction, and practical activities, such as drawing. We know that this is your children’s first real experience in a teaching environment. We want to make it a good one and give them the preparation and encouragement to start their academic life with success.

  • Elementary

    Life is about fulfilling little goals every day. At Brillamont, we believe that it begins by making children understand that the behavior, knowledge, skills and values acquired with us will prepare them for the future. It will allow them to successfully develop the academic, knowledge, and personal skills that will help them actively earn a worthy place in our regional and universal community.

  • Middle School

    Middle School education is the last stage of a basic education. During this stage, it is important to prepare students well in order to continue their academic studies at a higher level. It is a crucial part of an integral education, and it allows them to develop abilities for the next steps and positively start including them in their professional working life.





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