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Teaching Model

Brillamont’s educational model

The Brillamont Teaching Model is based on the premise that the human being must be shaped in a complete, integral and well balanced way.

Founded by a group of professional educators led by Mr. Américo Ferrara, conscious of the limitations of traditional teaching structures, designed a teaching model that develops different areas of an individual and achieves personal and social success as a result.

At Brillamont, under this teaching model, we devote our efforts to prepare outstanding students that are morally committed to excellence and who contribute in a responsible way to society and themselves.

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Extracurricular Areas

Our curriculum is designed to develop a comprenhensive education through the following areas:


• Updated Programs
• Professional Teachers
• Modern Teaching Strategies
• Effective Evaluation Processes


• Healthy Emotional Environment
• Developing of Self-image Confidence and Self-esteem
• Motivation Towards Learning
• Studies and School Work


• Catholic Formation

Moral Ethics

• Teaching of Virtues
• Promotion of Ethical and Moral Values

Creative Thinking

• The development of Thinking Skills
• Critical Thinking

Physical Education

• Promotion and Maintenance of Health
• Development of Physical Attitudes and Aptitudes
• A Healthy Spirit of Competition


• Harmonic Relationship Between an Individual and Society
• Collaborative Work Activities
• Integration Into Community


• Updated Programs
• Development and Practice of Constructive and Positive Habits
• Development of a Culture in Respect of Legality


• Promoting a National Identity
• Our Values, History and Traditions
• Training Towards Global Citizenship