The center of our educational role is our Students.

Therefore, our decisions are based on our students, with the students and for the students. Our talent features:

Our History

Established in San Pedro Garza García since May 1980, our beginnings go back to the Summer of 1979, when our founders, Mr. Américo Ferrara Padilla and Mrs. Alma Rosa Olvera Flores, started distributing brochures of their new Early Stimulation Program. 

Over the years, it was our high academic quality, constant innovation, and most importantly, our passion for our students, that made us expand our horizons to Elementary and Junior High Education, achieving what we are today: The excellency option in bilingual schools; with high standards, ethics, moral education, spirituality, and the understanding that our future generations need resources, resilience, ambition, professionalism and integrity.


To become a recognized Family-School Partnership Center in the Northern part of Mexico that stands out for its academic programs, values, habits, structure and organization skills of work.

School of Values

Development of reasoning with respect towards rules, other people’s rights, teacher’s legitimate authority, and Digital Citizenship.