We design our procedures to give students a structure that fosters their personal growth and development.

Brillamont considers the student as a whole and recognizes their particular need for a full and complete development in different areas.

Sports ⚽

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Ballet / Jazz / Hip Hop
  • Parent’s Teams
  • Alumni Teams

Civic Club 🥁

  • Marching Band
  • Flag Guards
  • Assembly Guides

Other Activities 🎵

  • Dance Studio
  • Yoga classes
  • Music (guitar, piano, drums, singing, and choir)
  • Art Studio
  • Chess Academy
  • Mechatronics
  • Photography
  • Emotions Workshop
  • Clay Workshop
  • Taekwondo

Academic, Sports and Cultural Events

Students are required to attend our academic, sports and cultural events to complete the skills and experience part of our programs. These events are a great way to share a global education experience with parents, teachers, and students at Brillamont.

See our events list
  • Talent Show
  • Open Class
  • Christmas Festival
  • Grandparents’ Day
  • Cultural Festival
  • Mom and Dad Celebration
  • Brillamont Cup
  • Music Class
  • Parents’ Teaching Week
  • Spring Parade
  • Diploma Ceremony

Complementary Programs

Our students are formed through educational programs that have been developed by experts and implemented in all areas of student development in an integral manner.